Our Story: Who we are and how we help you become a Green Acres franchisee partner. 

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Your Story: Want to take the next step to becoming a Green Acres franchisee partner?
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Starting your own business or buying a franchise is one of the most important decisions of your life.

If properly planned and organised, working as your own boss can be tremendously rewarding and exciting. So why not enlist the support of an experienced, award-winning partner?


No one in the home services sector has more franchising experience than Green Acres.

Our unique system – developed in New Zealand, by New Zealanders to suit the New Zealand market – will provide you with comprehensive training, ongoing assistance and guaranteed weekly work. 

The loyalty of clients nationwide proves there’s widespread demand for our philosophy,
our processes and our brand.

Most importantly of all, when your business is supported by the size and reputation of Green Acres, there are endless opportunities to gain the cash rewards you deserve for your input.


That’s the Green Acres promise.